Truck Won't Start? 3 Towing Methods To Consider

It's important to get your vehicle to a mechanic when you are experiencing mechanical problems. Unfortunately, a truck that won't start can't just be driven to the local repair shop. Towing a truck can be a challenge due to the size and weight of these vehicles.

There are a few options available to you when it comes to transporting an inoperable truck. Understanding each of these towing options will allow you to choose the method best suited to meet your needs.

1. Use Some Tow Straps

Most truck drivers are familiar with tow straps or chains. These are devices that help to connect an inoperable truck to a tow vehicle. While tow straps are convenient, they can pose a risk to the structural integrity of both vehicles.

You will need to find a solid anchor point for connecting the straps so that the frame of the tow vehicle doesn't get bent. You will also need to leave enough slack in the tow strap to allow for safe navigation. It's best to reserve tow straps for towing short distances to avoid any of the serious safety hazards that this towing method can create.

2. Use a Dolly

Another method that you can utilize to help transport your inoperable truck to the mechanic is a dolly. These specialized devices are designed to connect to the ball hitch of the tow vehicle. The front tires of the truck that needs to be transported are then pushed up onto the dolly and locked into place.

A dolly lets you tow an inoperable truck in much the same way that you would tow a boat or camp trailer. This method places less stress on both vehicles.

3. Call a Tow Truck

The easiest method for towing a broken-down truck is to contact a professional towing company. Tow trucks are equipped with heavy-duty winches that can pull an inoperable truck up onto the flatbed portion of the tow vehicle.

When you make the decision to partner with a tow truck, you won't have to expend any effort to load and transport your vehicle to the mechanic. Many insurance companies offer coverage for a certain number of tow services each year, so contacting a tow company can be an affordable and safe way to get your truck to your mechanic for repairs.

It's important that you are prepared to tow your truck at any time. You never know when the vehicle will break down, and having a contingency truck towing plan in place will allow you to get the timely mechanical repairs needed to get you back on the road.

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