Hire A Transport Service To Move Your Car

If you have a vehicle that needs moving over a long distance and driving it is not an option, hiring a transport service is an excellent way to get the car where you need it.

Transport Services

A transport service is a company that has the right trailers and equipment to move your car from one place to another safely. Transport services typically offer different levels or ways to move your vehicle and are commonly used for vehicles purchased a long distance away from the buyer's home, moving show cars, or transporting cars to a summer or winter home. 

Transport Methods

If the car is extremely valuable, you may want the transporter to move your vehicle inside a closed trailer. The closed trailer provides security and protects the car from the elements. This is common for show vehicles but can be an option for any car. Transport companies will sometimes move a group of cars on a car trailer, saving you money on the shipping. Talk to the company you are working with about the method you can expect. 

Insuring Your Car

When you are shipping a car across the state or across the country, you should make sure the insurance on the vehicle will cover damage to the car if something happens along the way. Transport companies do carry insurance on their loads but it may not include all the possible damage that could occur along the way. Protecting yourself against loss is critical, and if that means paying for a little extras insurance, the cost may be worth it in the long run. 

Shipping Time

Shipping a car somewhere can be time, and the shipper may not always be able to accommodate that. It is essential to let the transport company know when you need your car to arrive. If they have to move the vehicle by itself, it is going to cost more, but it might be worth it if you are moving the car to a show or auction. 

Hot Shot Transporters

Smaller transport services with single trailers that will hold just your car are available in many areas as well. The services are often run by one person, and the price may be a bit lower but keep in mind, they may not specialize in moving cars. If you can find one near you that does specialize in vehicles and can meet your deadline, you may want to consider them if the larger transport company is not able to accommodate you. 

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