4 Ways A Rear-End Collision Can Impact The Trunk

Rear-end collisions at low speed may not result in easily noticeable damage, but often there are hidden damages that can pose safety or structural hazards to your car. Having the car inspected for the following damages and repaired promptly is necessary if you want to avoid future issues.

1. Latch Alignment

It doesn't take a lot of force from the impact to damage the latching mechanism on the trunk. This is especially true when a high-profile vehicle hits a low-profile vehicle since the bumper on the taller vehicle can hit the latch of the shorter car. A damaged latch may not open properly, or it may not stay latched. In some cases, it may appear to work as normal but then the trunk will randomly pop open while driving or if you go over a bump in the road.

2. Gasket Failure

The trunk has a gasket seal that goes around the perimeter opening. This gasket prevents moisture from getting into the trunk, which ensures mold, mildew, and other types of water damages can't affect the car's interior. A minor collision can damage the seal so it no longer keeps moisture out. Even if the seal looks fine, minor warping of the body or trunk lid can affect the fit when closed, allowing water to leak in.

3. Electrical Issues

A lot of wiring runs through the trunk and rear car panels. These wires connect your tail and brake lights to the control systems in the front of the car. They also ensure your license plate is lit up at night. You may also have electrical systems that allow you to control the trunk latch or a rear window defroster/wiper system from the front of the car. Damage to these electrical wires won't be obvious until one of the attached systems fails. 

4. Compartment Problems

Many trunks have a variety of compartments in them, which may be the location of the spare tire or jack. Minor warping of the compartments may not be noticeable at first but may pose a problem if the compartment is skewed just enough so that you can't easily lift out the spare or if the jack becomes wedged in. Warped compartments in the trunk may also be indicative of minor frame damages, which must be repaired. 

Contact an auto collision repair center, such as Exoticar Paintworks Inc., if you have been in a rear-end accident, even if the damage seems minor. 

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